Midges and green

The train was late. The bus was early. So I had to chuck my running gear on, pack a rucsack and hit the hills. I got the first coat of gloss on the Grad and it’s looking good. There is an insect or two in there too but to be honest they add a little something.

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Sun = progress

With a lot of help and moral support from Charles project Graduate has moved on. After the one pack / two pack paint debacle and the wettest year in the history of the planet I finally got a weather window in which to risk painting the Graduate. The primer/undercoat is on and it’s looking good. With a bit of luck it might even be on the water this season.


Not much wind…

Not enough wind for a race day but plenty of people turned up at the club providing a busy social day – there was even a pleasantly surprising visit from Sue, Dave and Dylan.

Me, Charles, Peter B., Peter W. and Stuart sailed in a mild breeze for about 90 minutes before the wind disappeared altogether.  It gave me chance to try out my new wind indicator. I needed it too. The wind was all over the place then nowhere at all. Then inevitable rain began to fall and the wind disapeared altogether.

Dylan took Andrew and Elaine’s Pico out for a clean. Forgetting to put the bung in it slowly filled up with water with quite amusing results before Me and Charles retired to the Great Western for refreshments.

Saturday (day before)
Took the kids to B&Q and  bought the paint for the Graduate now (aqua fizz). Now I just need some time and fine weather to finish the job.

Forecast for tomorrow’s race day

From http://www.xcweather.co.uk/forecast/__HD7_6NL

Rhoscolyn to Rhosneigr

A couple of races around the bay then the trip out to Rhosneigr

The trip back to Rhoscolyn

Rhoscolyn 2012

A lot of fun and a lot of photos will take a bit of work to put the story together but here’s some snaps for now.

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Rescue boat training

It was decided that new members and members needing a refresher prior to the Rhoscolyn trip should put themselves in Andrew’s capable hands to learn how to   handle a rescue. After a briefing Andrew donned Elaine’s dry suite and spent most of the afternoon floating about in the reservoir waiting to be ‘rescued’ by his floundering pupils. There was much hilarity including a group that had to be rescued whilst in the rescue boat. A great afternoon with some valuable lessons learned.

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